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Deliver full flavor, nutrition and clean labels in beverages

Bring the authentic taste of whole fruits and vegetables to your flavored beverages. Enhance nutrition and healthy appeal with ingredients that consumers recognize. With our extensive portfolio you can develop the right formulation to bring on-trend winning products to market.

Consumers want deliciously sweet, fruit-based beverages with less sugar and fewer calories. With our expertise and dedicated R&D team, we will develop custom fruit and vegetable formulations to support your efforts in sugar reduction while delivering unique drinking experiences and surpass consumer expectation.

Discover how our different ingredients can fit your beverage applications:

    • Smoothies

    • Refrigerated juices

    • Shelf-stable juices

    • Flavored waters

    • Beers, Ciders & Wines

    • Coffee & Tea

Reduce added sugar with our proprietary SWEET SQUASH BLENDS. Customize your needs and take advantage of vegetable juice concentrates to deliver sweetness while keeping labels clean.

Add vegetables to your beverage with help from flavor experts. We can develop the exact profile to combine fruit and vegetables ingredients with taste on top of mind.

Functional beverages: count on us to add fiber or protein to your beverage. With a ready-to-use formulation, we can customize your requirements of added nutrition.

Reduce added sugar with vegetable juice concentrates

Discover how our proprietary blend SWEET SQUASH and JICAMA JUICE CONCENTRATE can help you reduce added sugar

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