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Now Kerr Concentrates offers a selection of juice concentrates for online purchases. Our products are offered in minimum packages of 5 gallon pails. You will count on the same high-quality products from Kerr with the easy to access online ordering process. We’ve also made available many Frequent Asked Questions to help you through the process and you can always contact us if further assistance is needed.

Search ingredients. Place your order. It’s easy and simple!



We accept major credit cards for online purchases, and you will be able to manage your account and orders through the portal.

Our online purchase is designed for up to 7 pails orders and is subject to availability. Larger orders should be placed directly with Kerr Concentrates customer service. Please contact us if that is the case.

Products will be shipped through FedEx, and shipping cost will be calculated during the process orders. Each pail will be shipped in individual boxes with dry ice.

Our online store is designed to provide an easy and fast purchase experience, therefore we are not able to customize requests.

After payment confirmation, products are shipped within 48 hours, except weekends and holidays. You will be informed delivery date during the order process.

As part of Ingredion, Kerr Concentrates has now joined this unique initiative focused on startups and smaller businesses. You get the same high quality products in an easy to access platform.

Yes, all the order process is made online and you can buy products for your start-up or even for your product development. A reminder that our juices are concentrated, sold in 5 gallon pails, and must be stored frozen.

Each product has a different concentration level, measured by degree Brix. Check our dilution instructions to determine each product specific dilution rate and calculate total juice that can be made.

Download Dilution Rate Table in PDF

Check out our online offering of juice concentrates:

Apple Juice Concentrate 70° Brix

Apricot Juice Concentrate 65° Brix

Blackberry Juice Concentrate 65° Brix

Blueberry Juice Concentrate 65° Brix

Cranberry Juice Concentrate 50° Brix

Dark Sweet Cherry Juice Concentrate 68° Brix

Lemon Juice Concentrate 400GPL Cloudy

Mango Juice Concentrate 70° Brix

Peach Juice Concentrate 68° Brix

Pear Juice Concentrate 70° Brix

Plum Juice Concentrate 68° Brix

Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate 65° Brix

Red Beet Juice Concentrate 70° Brix

Strawberry Juice Concentrate 65° Brix

Watermelon Juice Concentrate 65° Brix

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