Formulated Products

Kerr Concentrates now offers a line of formulated products such as original custom blends, functional value-added ingredients and type replacers which are tailored to fit your unique application.

Kerr’s Research and Development team continuously focuses on creating new and distinctive products which capitalize on new trends in our industry. We specialize in blending natural ingredients together to target a specific flavor profile. We have a reputation for producing superior quality ingredients which are blended to match a particular flavor or color, or combined to meet a desired Brix level and consistency. Our strengths lie in our ability to anticipate flavor trends and supply our customers with innovative concepts for new product launches. Our state-of-the-art custom blending production line in Salem, Oregon is equipped to combine fruit and vegetable juices, flavors, colors, as well as dry ingredients for optimum flavor and functionality.

Just imagine the possibilities…

  • Pumpkin & Maple
  • Lemon, Raspberry & Ginger
  • Strawberry & Rhubarb
  • Cherry Mint
  • Berry & Red Beet
  • Strawberry & Passion Fruit
  • Blueberry & Lime
  • Melon Medley
  • Berries & Cherries
  • Cranberry Fusion

Kerr’s Research and Development team specializes in creating value-added ingredient solutions that not only meet the requirements of your application, but reduce packaging, simplify freight and ultimately lower the cost of manufacturing your finished product. Call Kerr today and let us create a custom innovation for you!