Watermelon purees and juice concentrates

It’s always summer time when it comes to consumer taste. Create delicious recipes with watermelon and take advantage of increased fruit content and simple labeling.

Kerr offers a range of customized watermelon products to best fit your needs, including the popular Watermelon 6+1 with added cane sugar for increased Brix and flavor profile.

  • Juice Concentrate 45° Brix
  • Clarified Juice Concentrate 65° Brix
  • Cloudy Juice Concentrate 65° Brix, Acidified
  • Puree Seedless
  • 6+1 Seedless Puree
  • 6+1 Seedless Puree, Acidified
  • Clarified Juice Concentrate 65° Brix, with cane sugar

Watermelon 6+1 with added cane sugar is your tailor made solution

Watermelon 6+1 Puree is your solution to help control Brix, acidification, and packaging all in one. The newest Watermelon 6+1 Clarified Juice Concentrate will be the best alternative when targeting a more intense sweetness profile.

Benefit from a ready to use formula developed in collaboration with Kerr’s specialized R&D. Reach the desired consistency in flavor while you reduce the number of purchasing SKUs needed in your recipe.

Imagine the possibilities

Watermelon pairs well with a variety of tropical fruits like Mango and Pineapple, as well as berry fruits like Strawberry and Blackberry.

Ask us about formulating your next custom ingredient with Watermelon.

Delight consumers with Watermelon

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