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90+ years of experience on simple ingredients

Our roots go back to the 1920’s, when the man behind our name—Frank Kerr—first began preserving the flavor and character of fruits by making jams and jellies. Innovative and experimental, Kerr soon expanded beyond the realm of fruit preserves by pioneering the juice concentration technology that remains the foundation of our business today.

We are proud to continue the Kerr tradition of producing exceptional fruit and vegetable juices, purees, essences and distillates. Each product we develop or each custom formulation we create upholds the integrity and richness of the raw fruits and vegetables.

In 2015, Kerr Concentrates became part of the Ingredion group of companies and extended its capabilities to deliver clean and simple ingredient solutions. Our customers can now count on the expertise of Ingredion Idea Labs®  innovation centers to deliver what you and your consumers want: sensory experience, health and nutrition, and clean and simple products.

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