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Stand out in the market with a customized flavor profile

Flavor is one of the most important attribute for any food and beverage. Get help from Kerr Concentrates to develop the flavor profile that is just right for you, and consumers will love. Whether you are launching a new product, developing a line extension or just revamping an existing formulation, you can partner with us to create a solution that will meet your needs.

It can be a long path to find the right ratio of each ingredient when multiple ingredients are providing flavor to a recipe.  When discussing your needs with our R&D team, we can develop formulation alternatives which help you make the right choices.

Mix and match ingredients for winning products

How does watermelon go with habanero? What’s the best combination for a mixed berry flavor? What is best for the application: Juice or Puree? These questions and more can be part of formulators’ challenge to develop food and beverages. Review your goals with us, explore new possibilities, and solve challenges with innovative and delicious flavor combinations.

Strawberry & Passion Fruit

Lemon, Raspberry & Ginger

Strawberry & Rhubarb

Blueberry & Lime

Melon medley 

Black currant & tea

Blueberry  Lavender

Cherry Cardamom

Mango Chili Pepper

Jicama Ginger  

Mixed Berry Lemonade

Cucumber Lime

Vegetable broths

Strawberry Watermelon

Round out your flavor profile with added natural flavors: combine juices and purees from us and top note with natural flavors to enhance a specific flavor profile. When developing your custom formulation with us, we can help you determine the best usage ratio in combination with other ingredients in your recipe.

Spice up your blends with dry ingredients: create a superior eating and drinking experience by adding dry ingredients to your custom formulation. We can review your specific needs and create ready-to-use formulas that combine ingredients such as extracts, powders, spices, sugar or hydrocolloids.

Get started now. Talk to us about your needs and get experienced help to develop the best solution.

Simple ingredients made from 100% fruit

Explore our extensive portfolio of juices, purees, essences and distillates.

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