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Bake with naturally delicious fruit and vegetable ingredients

Baked goods with real fruit ingredients provide a natural flavor and create a healthy snack that consumers want to eat. Kerr Concentrates offers ingredients that will help you incorporate fruits and vegetables to a variety of baked goods.

Juice concentrates can deliver the flavor you want while contributing to the overall sweetness profile. Our fruit purees provide real fruit content and a superior eating experience, whether you’re adding texture or formulating a fruit filling.

Talk with us about your needs in bakery applications:

• Breakfast and snack bars

• Cereal bars

• Cookies & biscuits

• Muffins and cakes

Sugar reduction: incorporate vegetable juice concentrates to reduce total sugars and calories in your baked application. With our customized SWEET SQUASH BLENDS, you can rely on vegetable ingredients to formulate trendy, delicious products.

Flavor experience: combine flavors for differentiation. From local flavors to exotic combinations or from mixed berries to tropical fruits, our custom formulations can help you get the exact desired flavor profile.

Ready-to-use formulation: combine ingredients you want. Add stabilizers, sugar, natural colors or extracts to your custom formulation and let us handle the complexity.

Simple ingredients made from 100% fruit

Explore our extensive portfolio of juices, purees, essences and distillates.

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