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Sweeten and color naturally with juice concentrates in confectionery

Create delicious on-trend confections with a natural touch from juices. With our fruit and vegetable juice concentrates you can incorporate natural ingredients that deliver flavor, color and most desired sweetness profile.

Our custom formulations offer you the convenience of having a different and unique flavor combination designed to fit your targets, as well as the ability to incorporate multiple ingredients in one packaged solution, making your process easier.

Contact us to determine best options for your application:

• Gummies

• Candies

• Fruit snacks

• Chocolate fillings

• Fudges and grained confections

• Fruit leathers

Flavor experience: combine vegetable and/or fruit juice concentrates to achieve desired flavor profiles with support from our dedicated R&D team.

Ready-to-use formulation: high Brix fruit and vegetable ingredients like juice concentrates are ideal for confectionery. Partner with us to develop a custom blend with low water activity and high flavor.

Simple ingredients made from 100% fruit

Explore our extensive portfolio of juices, purees, essences and distillates.

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