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Naturally indulgent ingredients for frozen bars and sorbets.

Deliver the healthy appeal consumers are looking for. Try our ingredients in your products without sacrificing consumers’ expectation for indulgence. Our portfolio of fruit and vegetable juices and purees will help you develop exciting and delightful products consumers will crave.

Fruit and vegetable juice concentrates are great to bring natural flavor and color to fruit bars and sorbets. For an enhanced texture, purees are excellent choices. You can also consider our sliced and diced strawberries for an authentic mouth feel. Achieve a desired flavor profile with help from our R&D experts to develop the ingredient combination that is just right for you.

Add vegetables to frozen bars and increase the healthy perception of snacks with a superior flavor, using a tailored combination of fruits.

Flavor experience: differentiate with a great fruit combination flavor profile with support from our dedicated R&D team.

Ready-to-use bases: combine ingredients you need. Add stabilizers, sugar, natural colors, flavors, or vitamins to your custom formulation and let us handle the complexity.

Formulate great tasting products with vegetable ingredients

Partner with us to incorporate vegetable ingredients in sweet and savory applications. Get advantage from a custom formulation and support from our R&D experts.

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