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Deliver fruit flavor loved by consumers to your jams and spreads

Purees are excellent ingredients for fruit spreads or jam formulations. For that ideal real-fruit appeal, you can rely on our comprehensive options like single-strength purees and puree concentrates. Consumers will enjoy seeing recognizable ingredients, and be delighted by the vibrant color, balanced sweetness profile, and authentic flavor brought by using our high quality ingredients.

Our dedicated R&D team can help you develop the exact flavor profile from single fruit jams, to multi-flavor combinations for a new and trendy differentiation. With our custom formulations, you can benefit from a solution that is just right for you.

Flavor experience: combine different fruits to deliver a new and unique product that will win consumers’ preference.

Clean label formulations: partner with us to develop solutions using pectin or a combination of smooth and chunky purees.

Do more with custom formulations

Solve challenges with tailored solutions and a dedicated R&D team

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