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Puree concentrates for natural fruit flavor enhancement

Deliver real fruit flavor with increased fiber content and sweetness profile. Our puree concentrates are excellent options to keep labels clean, while maximizing flavor. With less water, it’s a cost-effective alternative to develop food and beverages with ingredients consumers want.

Standardized by Brix, fruit puree concentrates are higher in naturally occurring sugar and will contribute to creating a superior eating and drinking experience. Create smoothies with a combination of fruits, deliver superior texture on fruit fillings or create healthy and delicious dairy products with our puree concentrates.

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Dark Sweet Cherry





Red Raspberry

Red Sour Cherry


Our purees are concentrated under vacuum through an evaporation system to remove water. Striving for high quality ingredients, we process fruits simply and carefully to maintain and preserve the best possible color and flavor.

This allows us to achieve a higher sugar concentration, measured by the degree Brix, and ensures batch-to-batch consistency. During this process we generate essences that can be added back to the puree to top note its flavor.

  • Pails - frozen
  • Drums - frozen and aseptic
  • Bag-in-box - aseptic
  • Totes - aseptic

Capturing the essence of nature®

Simplify labels with loved fruit and vegetable ingredients

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